Why sing with DCA?

Better Mood

Singers with DCA typically find emotional sustenance and improvements in mood and outlook from attending our weekly rehearsals and performing in our concerts. We have a good time! And many members have formed lifelong friendships as a result of joining DCA.

Professional Guidance

In addition, our Artistic Director, Luis González, often provides specific guidance, teaching us all how to improve our vocal technique and expressiveness at the same time we are rehearsing for concerts.

Why Choir Memebers love DCA:  

“I can’t imagine not singing the beautiful music we perform.”

“The singing!”

"I love the music, people, and working with [the Director].”

“I continue to come because getting to come and sing helps me forget about the rest of life.”

““Love the selections being chosen.”

“No matter how tired I am, I am always energized and uplifted at rehearsals.”

“Like to sing! Like the members, director, and music we sing!”

“The repertoire.”

“Nice to sing in a quality vocal ensemble.”

“The amazing exposure to new music and composers.”

“Singing in a mixed choir.”

“Music I have never sung before that challenges me.”

“[Singing with DCA] has improved my singing.”

"Incredible instruction; great friends; fabulous voices; dedicated singers.”


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